Elderberry Gold has all the goodness of the original elderberry syrup made with organic elderberries & local raw wildflower honey from Apex apiaries PLUS local red Ariona berries, black Ariona, goji berries + bilberries for the ultimate berry boost that supplies antioxidant and immune support. 

Ariona berries have more antioxidants than any other berry, with elderberry coming in second. Combined with the other high antioxidant berries goji + bilberry, this blend provides potent immune + whole body cellular defense that's safe for all ages. 

Red Ariona berries are grown naturally without chemicals on the amazing permaculture farm, Honeys Harvest Farm located in Lothian, Maryland. Harvests began in October 2020. These late harvests ensure maximum antioxidant potential.

Pre orders will ship on or before 10/19/20.