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- About Us -

Our Story

I started making elderberry syrup the winter of 2018. We were about to have a newborn and my son was 2...and I needed something to help protect us from al the winter germs. So I made batch after batch, perfecting this and that. And at the same time, kept the ingredients simple - only organic elderberries and raw local wildflower honey. No herbs, spices, or additives like cane sugar.

And it helped! There were times I knew it helped us avoid getting sick. If we got a cold, it would help us get over it faster. My toddler loved it so much he called it a treat and my very skeptical husband even started asking for it. And then I started selling it to other local moms to help their families get through the winter.

From there, the goodness grew. After months working through the process to become licensed and certified through the State of Maryland, we became official in November 2019.


In 2020, we planted over 200 native Elderberry and black aronia plants here in St. Leonard.

We are now in different local locations from Baltimore to Annapolis to Frederick across Maryland. In 2021, MOMS Organic Markets picked up our products and we are in 23 locations from New York to Virginia on the East Coast. Click here to find out where you can pick up a bottle locally!


So out of a simple need to help my family, Mama Bears Elderberries was born. And I hope it can help yours too- we want to share the love! 💜🐻

Ingredient Commitment


We only use organic elderberries - the best at that. Our raw honey is sourced from a local Honeybee Restoration Project apiary called Apex Honey, which has hives all over southern Marylands state parks and remote locations partnered through the state's DNR. It is an amazing quality wildflower honey, which is superior to the common clover and alfalfa honeys medicinally.

We source certified organic black aronia from Chester River Aronia located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland and hand harvest the berries each summer. In the Fall, we harvest red aronia from Honeys Harvest Farm in Lothian, Maryland. 

Wild bilberries are sourced from Northwest Wild Foods and we use certified organic goji for the Elderberry Gold.

This winning combination of premium ingredients is what makes Mama Bears stand out from the rest. Once you try our syrup, you'll see!

In addition to great things inside the bottle, we use recycled paper labels, glass bottles made in the USA, source packaging from local companies and our product is plastic-free!

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