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All the goodness of our Original Elderberry Syrup plus 3 unique berries - Goji (wolf berry), Ariona berries, and Bilberries for the ultimate Antioxidant + Immune Support!

Bilberries, also known as the “European blueberry,” contain one of the richest natural sources of anthocyanins – the compounds that give them their high antioxidant content. These compounds are believed to be the reason that scientific studies have found bilberries to stabilize blood sugar, decrease inflammation, improve vision, lower oxidative stress, promote antioxidant defense and lower lipids.


A publication in Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects reviewed over 100 studies on bilberry to determine that it is valuable “in the treatment or prevention of conditions associated with inflammation, dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia or increased oxidative stress, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia and other age-related disease.”

Wolfberries, or Goji berries  have been used as a medicinal & healing food in Asia for over 2,000 years. Like elderberry, bilberry & ariona berries, the immune benefits come from its very high antioxidant content - which for wolfberries is the antioxidant zeaxanthin. Studies have shown that wolfberry intake greatly improves vision, reduces inflammation, improves sleep quality while also raising endurance & focus improves immune function, stabilizes blood sugar, protects against liver damage, and improves depression & anxiety.


A study published in Drug Design, Development and Therapy in 2014 found that goji berries inhibited tumor growth in mice, a 2014 human study concluded goji reduced tumor growth in liver cancers and another published in 2016 found that when mice were given only 5% juice it gave them enough antioxidants to protect against UV light damage and skin disorders. Look up some of the research on improving mood and feelings of wellbeing using wolfberry – lots of amazing benefits for a little berry!

Ariona berries  are actually native to the east coast of North America – so believe it or not they are found from the mountains of northern Georgia to Maryland to Canada growing wild. Like Elder, these berries were used as a cold remedy by the Native Americans and scientific research today has validated why: they contain extremely high amounts of antioxidants that support the immune system.


Recent studies have found ariona berries to fight against breast and colon cancers, reduce inflammation and complications associated with diabetes, aids digestion and improves gut health, improve blood glucose levels, improved obesity, protected the liver against damage, protects against coronary artery disease, normalizes blood pressure, and found that ariona extract was so effective at fighting insulin resistance it has been studied as a way to prevent diabetes from developing.

This super berry has also been shown throughout many research articles to not only support the immune system but modulate it – boost it if immune function is low or lower if immune activity is too high.

We use locally grown black ariona berries!

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