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Winter Tonic Blend featuring elderberries, raw wildflower honey, organic cranberries from family run Fresh Meadow Farms in MA, organic ginger, cinnamon available in limited quantities.

Ingredients: Organic elderberries, organic fresh cranberries, organic fresh ginger, raw local wildflower honey, organic Ceylon cinnamon & filtered spring water.

In addition to the incredible antiviral, anti inflammatory, anti cancer & immune supporting properties of elderberries and raw wildflower honey, this winter blend contains three additional ingredients to support the body during the cold months -

Cranberries begin to ripen in Fall, with berries still able to be harvested into the winter months. High in antioxidants that combat oxidative stress, full of vitamin K, cranberries also reduce blood clot formation. This dark red berry is also supportive of the urinary tract & digestive system, they promote heart health & are a potent anti inflammatory due to their anthocyanin compounds as well as highly supportive for the immune system.

Fresh ginger reduces inflammation & oxidative stress due to the high antioxidant levels & compounds. In medical studies, it has supported anti cancer properties & can enhance immunity at a cellular level. It's antimicrobial, antiparasitic & antiviral properties are helpful for preventing illness also.

Cinnamon may be known for balancing blood sugar levels, but it also has research backed antiviral & antimicrobial properties. It supports the body during illness & infection - it is recommended in Buhners Herbal Antivirals as an herb to block viral attachment, ACE-2 intervention.

The organic cranberries are sourced from Massachusetts, Fresh Meadows Farm, a small family owned farm.

All the raw wildflower honey is sourced from Apex Bee Company based on the eastern shore of Maryland.

Limited Edition Winter Tonic Elderberry Syrup

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