The elderberries are ripe and in the process of harvesting on our farm in Saint Leonard, Maryland...that means its time for our third annual ALL LOCAL HARVEST!


This is our first large harvest year for our farm. We have been blown away in the past from the support for these all local batches and cant wait to offer the 2022 batches. These elderberries are the Sambucus Canadensis variety, or the native American Elderberry. Packed with antioxidants, anti viral compounds, and immune supporting properties - its hard to find a combo that compares to farm fresh picked elderberries and local raw wildflower honey!


Local raw wildflower honey from Apex apiaries compliments the earthy berry flavor for the perfect elderberry syrup. Immune & antioxidant support with so many health properties.


This is our ORIGINAL formula with these two ingredients. We are also offering the Elderberry Gold in all local batches also that includes local July/August picked balck aronia from Chester River Aronia on the eastern shore of MD.


Comes in a 12oz glass bottle, plastic free product and plastic free recycled paper packaging for shipments.

2022 Harvest ALL LOCAL Elderberry Syrup